Actual IMC Experience Course

HeliStream’s IMC Experience training is intended for individuals who hold a Helicopter Pilot Certificate with or without an instrument rating who desire to increase their experience in actual IFR/IMC operating conditions. Flight operations will be conducted in an IFR certified aircraft (Bell 206L1 C30P with Collins Autopilot System and IFR STC) capable of flight in IMC.

Three course durations are available. The longer the course, the more experience and proficiency the pilot will gain. Additionally, the likelihood of encountering actual IMC will be increased, weather dependent.

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Objective: To increase the pilot’s experience in IFR operations, utilizing a helicopter that is approved for flight in actual IMC conditions. If weather permits, the helicopter will be flown IFR in IMC to allow the student to experience flight in IMC as a real-world scenario while still being conducted in a legal and safe manner.

Course Content: Classroom instruction will review the applicable Federal Aviation Regulations, the National Airspace System, aircraft systems operation, including operation of the autopilot, avionics systems, as well as a review of physiological issues commonly encountered during instrument flying, and lessons learned from past IFR accidents.

The flight training will include instrument takeoffs, departure procedures, enroute operations, arrival procedures, and various instrument approach procedures.