Training Programs

HeliStream offers complete rotary wing pilot training programs ranging from Private Pilot through Airline Transport Pilot. Each course is individually tailored to meet your personal needs and goals. The keynote at HeliStream is providing professional flight training without compromise. Our Certified Flight Instructors are highly qualified and engaged in the full time endeavor of turning out the finest pilots in the industry.

Our training helicopters range from the Robinson R22 and Robinson R44, for primary flight training, to the MD 500, Robinson R66, Eurocopters EC-120 and AS350, and Bell 205. As a result of our training hours in the Robinson R22, we have found that our graduates easily make a transition to other makes and models of helicopters in just a few hours. This is due to the fact that the Robinson R22 is light and sensitive to control inputs which help to develop an excellent pilot control touch. Those students progressing through our turbine transition courses find that their R22 training makes this transition safe and easy.

For insurance approved recurrent training courses, advanced emergency procedures training, and other law enforcement training, please contact us for rates and quotes.

All courses at HeliStream are approved or pending approval by the Federal Aviation Administration under Part 61 and Part 141 of the Federal Aviation Regulations. Approval by the FAA assures you of the fact that our training meets the high standards imposed by the FAA on flight training schools. Our complete ground school courses provide training for all written tests and our examiner designees administer the test right at our own facility.