McDonnell Douglas 530FF

Utility Bench Available and Can Be Included For Additional Cost * Fargo Aux Fuel Tank * Dart Bear Paw * Crew Door Opener Kit * Cargo Hook * Onboard Systems E-51 Load Weigh Sys * GTX 330 * Sandia SAE5-35 Alt Encoder

Airframe: 1100 Total Time
Extended Landing Gear
Battery Heavy Duty Marathon
DC Ammeter
External Power Receptacle
Cabin 28 Volt Utility Outlet
Fire Extinguisher
First Aid Kit
Engine Specs: Rolls Royce 250-C30 Engine, 650 SHP (485 KW)
Automatic Engine Re-Ignition
Facet Scavenger Oil Filter
AFS Engine Inlet Barrier Filter
Garmin GTX 330 Transponder
Sandia SAE5-35 Altitude Encoder
AMS42F Multi User Radio Controls
TFM-138B FM/VHF Airborne Transceiver
KY96A Communication Transceiver
2 AUX Radio Connectors with 800 Mhz Antenna
Avionics Master Switch
Co-Pilots ICS Footswitch
Collective Hobbs Meter
Dual RH Command Flight Controls
RH Rotor Brake
Facet Scavenger Oil Filter
Dual Tachometer NR and N2
Engine Oil Pressure Indicator
Engine Torque Meter
N1 Tachometer
Turbine Outlet Temp Indicator
Fuel Quantity Indicator
Digital Chronometer
Airspeed Indicator
Barometric Altimeter
Magnetic Compass
Outside Air Temp Indicator
Additional Equipment: Rapid Door Removal Kit (Cockpit and Cabin)
Removable Seat Pans
Courtesy Handles
Engine Oil Cooler Inspection Panel
Dart Cargo Mirror
Dart Bear Paw
Fargo Auxiliary Fuel Tank
Onboard Systems E-51 Load Weigh System
Crew Door Opener Kit
Kannad 460AF-H ELT
Breeze Eastern Cargo Hook
  • 2009
  • 530FF
  • $1,800,000
  • Costa Mesa, California
  • Used
  • 0157FF
  • N530AR
  • 1,100 Hours
  • VFR
  • 5

Price and specifications subject to change without notice. Aircraft is subject to prior sale or withdrawal from market. It is the buyer responsibility to verify data herein prior to purchase.