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Above all else, HeliStream is committed to the safety and well-being of its employees, customers, guests and the communities above which we operate. Safety is a core tenant of our business strategy and the guiding principle in company decision making. We strive to deliver exceptional services while reducing our exposure to hazards and errors. It is our company’s Safety Management System policy to identify, assess and mitigate hazards. Any operation which has hazards that cannot be mitigated to a safe and acceptable level will not be accepted or conducted. Our policies and procedures comply with and wherever possible exceeding regulatory requirements.

Our team has more than 170,000 combined hours of aviation experience spanning five decades with experience in military aviation, training, utility, fire suppression, night vision goggle, maintenance, charter, aerial photography/filming, and aerial application.  This experience lends itself to the highest quality assessment of hazards and mitigation strategies. Our leadership team is committed to using this experience to foster an atmosphere of continuous improvement.

We promote and support a positive and “Just” safety culture among all employees which encourages the free and uninhibited reporting of errors, hazards or concerns.  Employees and customers are free to disclose mistakes, hazards, or incidents using our online safety portal. This reporting may remain anonymous. Reports can be made without fear of reprisal. In the event that a violation occurs, we aim to take the most appropriate and just remedial action necessary. Information received in these reports are tracked, aggregated into usable data and are tools for policy change and training.

Through Flight Risk Assessments, regular “tailboard” briefings and Stop Work authority, employees are empowered to be active and involved in our Safety Management System. No matter how big or small the operation, every person is involved in our safety system.

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