Safety Management

Above all else, HeliStream is committed to the safety and well-being of its employees, customers, guests and the communities above which we operate. Safety is a core tenant of our business strategy and the guiding principle in company decision making. We strive to deliver exceptional services while reducing our exposure to hazards and errors. It is our company’s Safety Management System policy to identify, assess and mitigate hazards. Any operation which has hazards that cannot be mitigated to a safe and acceptable level will not be accepted or conducted. Our policies and procedures comply with and wherever possible exceeding regulatory requirements.

Safety Policy Statement

Safety is the central principle and standard in all HeliStream, Inc. activities. We are committed to developing, implementing, and improving strategies, systems and processes to achieve the highest level of safety performance standards, resulting in accident prevention.

HeliStream recognizes our role in protecting staff, customers, and the community. We are committed to developing a safety culture that embodies and values safe and professional behaviors. This commitment is expressed by definite levels of accountability and responsibility of each team member. Every employee is responsible for minimizing risks to the lowest reasonable level or stopping work until risks can be mitigated. HeliStream is committed to providing adequate resources to meet, and whenever possible, exceed legislative, regulatory and client requirements for safety. This commitment is made possible through establishing and measuring our safety performance against realistic, achievable goals and continuous improvement.

1. Integrity and Accountability for Actions.
2. Remain vigilant for the care and safety of others.
3. Foster an environment for improvement and continuous learning.

Safety Reporting / Risk Management

Our team has more than 170,000 combined hours of aviation experience spanning five decades with experience in military aviation, training, utility, fire suppression, night vision goggle, maintenance, charter, aerial photography/filming, and aerial application.  This experience lends itself to the highest quality assessment of hazards and mitigation strategies. Our leadership team is committed to using this experience to foster an atmosphere of continuous improvement.

We promote and support a positive and “Just” safety culture among all employees which encourages the free and uninhibited reporting of errors, hazards or concerns.  Employees and customers are free to disclose mistakes, hazards, or incidents using our online safety portal. This reporting may remain anonymous. Reports can be made without fear of reprisal. In the event that a violation occurs, we aim to take the most appropriate and just remedial action necessary. Information received in these reports are tracked, aggregated into usable data and are tools for policy change and training.

Through Flight Risk Assessments, regular “tailboard” briefings and Stop Work authority, employees are empowered to be active and involved in our Safety Management System. No matter how big or small the operation, every person is involved in our safety system.

To complete a Flight Risk Assessment, click the link below.


To complete a Driver Risk Assessment, click the link below.


To submit a Hazard or Incident report, click the link below.


Job Safety Observation

HeliStream’s commitment to safety extends deep into each job or operation.  Continuous evaluation and improvement lead to safer and more efficient flights while uncovering potential threats and hazards.  Through regular Job Safety Observations, crews evaluate the safety and performance of each job and report these findings to the Director of Safety and Chief Pilot.  These findings highlight both areas for improvement and areas of increased safety.

Crews are required to submit monthly observations but are encouraged to complete additional observations as they find items that may improve the safety and efficiency of each operation

To submit a Job Safety Observation, click the link below.


Safety Awards Program

An On-The-Spot (OTS) Award can be given at any time by a supervisor or manager. These awards are designed to immediately recognize someone for their efforts to improve safety in a small, yet significant way.

The award should be given at the time someone observed an action that improved safety or shortly following. For example, an employee may receive an OTS Award for observing a hazard on a jobsite and initiated a “Stop Work” to resolve the hazard. OTS Awards may be, but are not limited to, gift cards, company attire or merchandise, or other recognition deemed appropriate by the employee’s supervisor.

The Broken Wing Award is given to any person who handles an emergency to the best degree possible, regardless of outcome. This award may be given to a pilot who experiences an in-flight emergency and addresses that emergency correctly and in a professional manner; a mechanic who handles an abnormal maintenance emergency with care; a driver that suffers an over-the-road emergency; any other circumstance that warrants immediate action to an emergency.

This award will be given as needed at the recommendation of the Director of Safety and approval of the Director of Operations or President.

Safety Awards given each quarter shall be selected by the Director of Safety, Director of Operations, Director of Maintenance, Chief Pilot and President. Nominations for this award shall be made to the Director of Safety prior to the end of each quarter. Quarterly Safety Award nominations can be submitted by any employee or customer. The nominator shall include the date of the nomination, a narrative of the nomination and a detail description of reason for nomination.

To submit a Safety Award nomination, click the link below.


Consideration should be given to the following reasons for nomination;
– Hazard report that significantly reduced potential hazards or modified procedures to a safer degree.
– Significant actions or behaviors that dramatically improved safety and/or were beyond the normal scope of work.
– Safety leadership that inspired others to act in a more safety conscious way.
– Continuous learning that improves safety

Awards will be announced at the end of each quarter.

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