Primary Helicopter Pilot Training

Practice is the fastest way to learn and perfect a new skill. When it comes to our Primary Helicopter Pilot Training, intensive instruction and hours of practice are essential. At HeliStream, students practice their flight skills using flight training Robinson R22 and R44 helicopters.

After years of experience with numerous makes and models of helicopters, the principles at HeliStream concluded that the best flight training helicopters are the Robinson R22 and R44.

Important: Simulator Facts That May Affect You! If you are planning to start your career as a Certified Flight Instructor, Special Federal Aviation Regulation (SFAR) No 73 states that in order to teach in a Robinson R22/R44, you NEED 200 hours of flight time in a helicopter. If you received training with a simulator, while valuable, you may find that you need to pay for additional flight hours in order to meet the 200 flight hour requirement.
Our training programs include ONLY actual flight hours, not simulator training. If you are seeking training elsewhere that offers simulator training, be sure to also ask for pricing that includes actual flight hours.

Features of Robinson R22 and R44 Helicopters

  • Light and sensitive to control input, which cultivates excellent pilot control touch.
  • Simple to operate with thorough instructions.
  • Economical to operate.

The Robinson R22 and R44 are ideal for learning helicopter flight basics. In fact, solid foundational helicopter flight skills enable a pilot to transition to other helicopter models. Many of our students who learn their primary flight skills in the Robinson R22 flight training helicopter make an easy transition to other helicopter models, including the MD 500, Robinson R66, Eurocopters EC-120 and AS350, and Bell 205 to name a few.

Many students—and passengers—are concerned that an engine failure or flight error would cause the helicopter to drop like a rock. It is important to note that helicopters have distinctive features that prevent this from happening:

  • Auto-rotation
  • Maneuverability

Auto-rotation produces enough lift, even after engine failure, to facilitate a controlled descent. Furthermore, the maneuverability of the helicopter permits emergency landings without a runway. In addition to these distinctive safety characteristics, the flight training helicopters we use are particularly safe because of our commitment to quality maintenance. Our fleet of Robinson R22 flight training helicopters is kept in top condition. The maintenance department at HeliStream boasts some of the best helicopter mechanics in the United States, each with years of experience.

Safety is a very important issue when working with rotorcraft, and HeliStream takes safety very seriously. The safety of our students, our clients, and our staff is our highest priority. By using the best flight training helicopters, like the Robinson R22, and by maintaining our aircraft to the highest mechanical standards, our students are assured a safe flight training environment, while receiving the best helicopter flight training.

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