Rates & Financing

Do you require all the money up front?

HeliStream has a pay-as-you-go system. Payment is rendered due after each lesson, unless you would like to put money on account.

What if I am unable to complete my training, and still have money on account?

HeliStream will refund any money left on your account, in the event that you are unable to complete your course of instruction.

Does HeliStream offer financing?

HeliStream works with Pilot Finance, Inc. You can apply online at www.pilotfinance.com.

How much is the FAA Written Exam and where can I take it?

The cost for the exam is $175 and you can take it right here at HeliStream.

How much is the FAA check ride and where will I take it?

HeliStream has our own full-time FAA examiner on staff. The checkride fee is approximately $650.00 to $800.00 depending upon which check ride you are taking. Additionally, you are responsible for the rental of the helicopter, (charged at the solo rate).

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