Helicopter Pilot Refresher Course

The Pilot Refresher Course is available for the following aircraft: Robinson R44, MD500, Airbus EC-120 and AS350, and Bell 205. This course is intended for individuals who hold a Helicopter Pilot Certificate and already have flight experience in the appropriate aircraft.

Pilot Refresher Courses Are Available Year Round

About the Course


2 Days to include 8 hours of ground and 3 hours of Flight Training


Successful completion of the course will provide the private or commercial helicopter pilot with a thorough review of VFR flying rules, procedures, demonstration and practice of normal and simulated emergency procedures, while establishing proficiency and safety in every phase of flight.

Course Content

Classroom instruction will review the Federal Aviation Regulations, the National Airspace System, and aircraft systems operation and malfunctions.

The flight training will include demonstration and practice in normal and simulated emergency procedures.

Ground Training

8 Hours Total Training Time
The ground training will include the following subjects:

  • Description of the different systems
    • Airframe and Engine
    • Transmission and Drive Train
    • Fuel System
    • Hydraulic System
    • Electric System
  • Emergency procedures
  • VFR Flight Rules
  • Review of NTSB Reports

Flight Training

3 Hours minimum
Satisfactory completion will also meet the requirements of FAR 61.56 (Flight Review). The training flights include the following maneuvers:

  • Familiarization flight
  • Flight profiles exercises
  • Ground operations
  • Emergency procedures (to include: Full Touch Down Autorotations, Simulated Engine Failure, Hydraulic Failure, Simulated Tailrotor Malfunctions)
  • Limitations

Completion Requirements

We understand that all pilots have different backgrounds and levels of experience. Therefore instruction in the classroom and in flight is designed to prepare the pilot to successfully meet the course standards. With this in mind, the standards followed by the instructor represent the standards recommended by HeliStream, Inc., Eurocopter Flight Maneuver Guide and FAA Regulations.

Training will be considered complete after passing a written test on aircraft systems and demonstrating proficiency in flight maneuvers.

Performance and knowledge standards will coincide with those applied by the FAA Practical Test Standard appropriate to the recurrent training and appropriate to the rating held. Ground and flight instructors will place special emphasis upon areas of aircraft operation which are most critical to flight safety. Among these areas are aircraft control and good judgment in decision making.

Satisfactory performance is based on:
Performing maneuvers within the aircraft’s performance capabilities and limitations, including use of the aircraft’s systems

  • Executing emergency procedures and maneuvers as appropriate.
  • Piloting the aircraft with smoothness and accuracy
  • Exercising good judgment
  • Applying aeronautical knowledge
  • Showing proficiency in aircraft within the standards of the practical test standard with the successful outcome of the maneuver never seriously in doubt.

If in the instructor’s judgment, the performance standards are not met, or limitations are consistently exceeded, performance will be considered unsatisfactory. Further training may be necessary to meet the acceptable standards. Each situation will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

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