Helicopter Charter Rental

HeliStream’s Orange County & San Diego helicopter charter rental service offers you and your clients a safe, exclusive, and time-saving form of transportation. Our helicopter charter services are approved under Part 135 of the Federal Aviation Regulations, with all pilots meeting the rigid requirements set forth by the FAA. From land surveys to airport shuttles, scenic tours to picnics in paradise, HeliStream is ready to serve you.

Charter Contracts

HeliStream’s helicopter services are also available on contract. Whether your job specifications demand a helicopter on an on-call basis or a regularly scheduled service, HeliStream is equipped to meet your needs.

Contracts may be specifically negotiated for most helicopter services including emergency work, executive transport, television and radio support, pipeline patrol and organ donor transport.

Working together with you, HeliStream would be happy to design a program to meet your company’s specifications.

Top 5 Reasons to book a Helicopter Charter Rental Service

Reason #1: The Sky’s the Limit

HeliStream’s Orange County & San Diego helicopter charter rental services are appropriate for almost any occasion. Our charter services are available for countless destinations in and around Orange County. You and your guests can see many local attractions from the air, visit a local winery, or have an unforgettable night out. Whether your event is personal or business-related, our services can meet your specific needs.

Reason #2: Helicopters are Convenient

When traveling to and from Orange County or San Diego, a helicopter charter rental service is a fast and easy way to travel. Helicopters significantly cut down travel time, allowing more time for what’s important to you. And, of course, a helicopter charter rental is one sure way to beat the Southern California traffic when you are in a time crunch.

Reason #3: Make a Statement

In Los Angeles, Orange County or San Diego a helicopter charter rental is far from ordinary. When you want to make an entrance at your destination, renting a helicopter is a fresh alternative to a stretch limousine.

Reason #4: Get a New Perspective on Orange County

You may have seen the California coast, the Hollywood sign, or the bright lights of Los Angeles. But you haven’t really experienced these landmarks until you see them from the air. The many Christmas harbor light boat parades along our sparkling coastline become a truly magical experience and treasured memory when viewed from above.
Treat someone special to the cascade of fireworks that etch the night sky on the 4th of July. Our helicopter charter rental service offers an innovative approach to sightseeing in the OC. Even Orange County residents will find new appreciation for their local sites after a helicopter sightseeing tour.

Reason #5: Have the Helicopter Experience

Many people have never ridden in a helicopter. And yet, a helicopter ride is an unparallel experience available to you locally in Orange County & San Diego. HeliStream promises high-standards of safety and quality with every helicopter charter rental service. We invest a significant amount of time and effort to ensure our helicopters are well-maintained and our pilots are experienced and exceptionally skilled. We take these steps to make sure your helicopter charter service is memorable and thrilling as well as comfortable and safe. HeliStream is one of the most trusted helicopter charter companies in Southern California because of our commitment to quality and outstanding service.

Helicopter charter service flight time estimates

Big Bear
1.5 hrs. roundtrip
1.1 hrs. roundtrip
1.2 hrs. roundtrip
1.0 hrs. roundtrip
1.5 hrs. roundtrip
1.0 hrs. roundtrip
Long Beach
40 mins. roundtrip
50 mins. roundtrip
1.0 hrs. roundtrip
Santa Barbara
2.4 hrs. roundtrip
Santa Monica
1.0 hrs. roundtrip
Van Nuys
1.2 hrs. roundtrip
  • Prices are based on a roundtrip flight.* Roundtrip pricing still applies for drop-off only.
  • All “After Hours” flights between 10:00pm-7:00am will be charged at a “rate-and-a-half.”
  • All flight times are portal to portal from SNA.
  • All aircraft have a 1hr. minimum.
  • Some airports require a landing fee. (This can be approx. $20-200 per landing.)
  • All flight times are approximate and can vary due to weather, air traffic control and other factors beyond the control of HeliStream, Inc.
  • All aircraft are subject to maximum legal gross weight limits.
  • The Pilot in Command is the ultimate authority regarding all flight operations, routes, etc.
  • Any cancellation requires a minimum of 24 hours notice.

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