Instrument Rating Pilot Program

HeliStream, Inc.’s Instrument Rating Program is designed to meet the challenges of flying a helicopter in adverse weather conditions. With our Robinson R22, equipped with an Instrument panel, the student is able to log in actual Instrument time rather than Simulator time; this allows the student pilot to gain more familiarity flying under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR).  Without the Instrument Rating the pilot will be restricted to fly in Visual Flight Restrictions (VFR).  While the rating is not required, it is beneficial for safety and employment purposes.

Important: Simulator Facts That May Affect You! If you are planning to start your career as a Certified Flight Instructor, Special Federal Aviation Regulation (SFAR) No 73 states that in order to teach in a Robinson R22/R44, you NEED 200 hours of flight time in a helicopter. If you received training with a simulator, while valuable, you may find that you need to pay for additional flight hours in order to meet the 200 flight hour requirement.
Our training programs include ONLY actual flight hours, not simulator training. If you are seeking training elsewhere that offers simulator training, be sure to also ask for pricing that includes actual flight hours.

FAA Requirements

  • Hold a private pilot helicopter certificate.
  • Hold a valid medical certificate.
  • Pass an FAA written examination.
  • Pass an FAA oral and flight test.
  • Obtain 40 hours of instrument training.

Course Includes:

  • 40 hours instrument flight instruction.
  • 40 hours ground instruction.

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