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Helistream’s helicopter flight training school in Costa Mesa California offer students a streamlined, yet thorough, helicopter pilot flight training program. Students also have the opportunity to work with some of the most qualified and respected flight instructors in the industry. As a result, students can complete their helicopter pilot training in a timely fashion, moving through each step required to complete their certification.

Learn About Our Helicopter Flight Training Program

Important: Simulator Facts That May Affect You! If you are planning to start your career as a Certified Flight Instructor, Special Federal Aviation Regulation (SFAR) No 73 states that in order to teach in a Robinson R22/R44, you NEED 200 hours of flight time in a helicopter. If you received training with a simulator, while valuable, you may find that you need to pay for additional flight hours in order to meet the 200 flight hour requirement.
Our training programs include ONLY actual flight hours, not simulator training. If you are seeking training elsewhere that offers simulator training, be sure to also ask for pricing that includes actual flight hours.

Helicopter Pilot School California

Helistream pilot school in California has a number of helicopter training programs designed to meet your flight career goals. Our helicopter-related training courses include:

  • Private Helicopter Pilot
  • Commercial Helicopter Pilot
  • Instrument
  • Certified Helicopter Flight Instructor
  • Instrument Instructor
  • Airline Transport Pilot
  • Actual IMC Experience
  • Turbine Transition
  • External Load
  • Helicopter Training
  • High Altitude Mountain Training
  • Helicopter Pilot Refresher Training
  • Night Vision Goggle Training

Benefits Of Learning To Fly With Helistream

  • Helistream is one of the few helicopter flight training schools in California with a pilot examiner on staff who is available when the student is ready for his or her check ride. Our students are more confident when tested in familiar airspace and surroundings.
  • Helistream is an FAA-approved written exam testing site, meaning Helistream students can conveniently take their written exams onsite. Most students at other helicopter flight training schools take their written exams elsewhere.
  • Co-owners, Rod Anderson and Barbara Perrin, are U.S. Army-trained helicopter pilots. Their extensive military experience greatly contributes to a comprehensive level of instruction that is not available at other helicopter flight training schools in California.
  • Our experienced staff, along with a large fleet of well-maintained helicopters, ensures that students progress at their own pace without unnecessary delays
  • Students at Helistream receive organized, structured training, including a syllabus with a timeline of their instruction. This approach produces a more thorough, efficient training process.
  • Helistream’s location offers an advantage over other helicopter flight training schools because of California’s unique and diverse terrain. Students gain experience flying over desert, mountains, and urban areas. These skills are essential for a well-rounded helicopter pilot, and Helistream students are well-prepared at the start of their careers.
  • Safety is our top priority at Helistream. Our extensive, experienced maintenance staff ensure that each helicopter is kept in optimum, airworthy condition. Our students have the confidence of knowing that potential maintenance concerns are quickly addressed by our full-time maintenance staff.
  • Training is conducted on a one-on-one basis so that a student can progress at his or her own pace. In addition, Helistream can tailor training programs to suit the student’s needs and schedule.

Enrollment Process

Once you’ve made the decision to move forward with your helicopter flight training, instruction can begin immediately. Helistream has one of the simplest enrollment processes of all helicopter flight training schools in California.

  • Call Helistream to schedule an enrollment date.
  • Visit our office to complete the necessary paperwork to complete your enrollment.
  • Schedule your first day of flight school!


Q: Do I have to be an airplane pilot first?

A: Many potential students believe that they must first acquire their airplane pilot’s license before they can pursue helicopter flight training in the United States. The truth is that an airplane pilot’s license has no bearing on your helicopter pilot’s license, and the latter must be earned separately.

Q: Is it difficult to learn to fly?

A: Although flying a helicopter adeptly does take time and practice, at HeliStream you fly the first day of class! The one-on-one guidance provided by our experienced instructors, together with the logical progression of the syllabus, lays a foundation that makes learning to fly easier as you progress.

Q: What should I do to prepare for training?

A: HeliStream offers training manuals and DVDs for purchase that will help you establish a solid foundation before your instruction begins. These helicopter flight training tools can be purchased directly from HeliStream and reinforce the training you receive from our instructors in the time between your sessions.

Q: Do you offer demonstration rides?

A: Yes. HeliStream offers demonstration rides that also count toward your requirement flight hours. A demonstration ride can be the first step toward completing your helicopter flight training program in the USA. To schedule a demonstration ride call HeliStream for details.

Helicopter Safety?

Q: Are helicopters safe?

A:Yes. Contrary to popular belief, helicopters are very safe. Most people think that if the engine stops in a helicopter you’ll drop like a rock. The truth is that you won’t. Through auto-rotation, lift is actually produced; enough to accommodate a very controlled and safe decent. The combination of auto-rotation and the maneuverability of a helicopter allow you to land safely in small areas without the necessity of a runway.

Helicopter flight training opens numerous career options in the United States. Our operation is a good example of the many types of job opportunities available for rotary wing pilots. These include helicopter charter services to different destinations around California as well as scenic tours and dinner excursions. Furthermore, our pilots are skilled in aerial photography, shuttle services, and utility services, including external load operations and security patrol.

The unique maneuvering and functionality of the helicopter makes it ideal for practical, recreational, and commercial use. Your helicopter flight training will be valuable to you as an individual and enable you to participate in a growing industry in the USA that needs well-trained, highly skilled pilots.

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