“In 1982, the civilian helicopter industry was expanding. The pool of Vietnam era pilots was beginning to shrink resulting in a high demand for qualified rotary wing pilots.”


Such was the business climate when HeliStream, Inc. was established. Co-owners, Rod Anderson and Barbara Perrin, both U.S. Army trained helicopter pilots, envisioned a flight school that incorporated the military’s syllabus directed, structured training program along with a fleet of helicopters maintained to the highest FAA standards.

Hard work, a commitment to excellence and a dedication to safety have all contributed to HeliStream’s success. Today, HeliStream offers a wide range of helicopter services including Part 135 Commercial Air Charter, Part 133 External Load Operations, Aerial Fire Fighting, Aerial Photography & Film, Helicopter Sales and Helicopter Maintenance, while continuing to provide an exceptional rotary wing flight training program.

We are proud that the name HeliStream is now synonymous with superior service and safety. Most importantly, we are proud of the many friends and relationships we’ve formed along the way and we gratefully thank each one for their support.

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