Aerial Crane Services

HeliStream, Inc. is Southern California’s best source for Advanced Flight Training and Aerial Crane Services, operating over 20 turbine and piston helicopters. Our pilots and staff have coordinated Aerial Crane projects for the construction and utility industries as well as state and federal agencies with great success for over the last 30 years.

About Us

Our aircraft are certified with normal category standard airworthiness certificates and are approved for Part 133, (aerial crane operations) FAR Part 135 (passenger & work crew transport) and FAR Part 137 (aerial application) operations. We also operate Restricted category aircraft approved for Part 133 (aerial crane) and firefighting operations.
All of our helicopters are maintained to the highest safety standard and our mechanics are set up to meet most maintenance requirements in the field. Our management and ground staff are also capable of providing global ground and logistic support including on-site parts delivery and exchange as well as 24-hour mobile fuel services. Our goal is ensure that your project is completed safely, on time and on budget.

Aerial Crane Services

We provide Aerial Crane Operations for all applications, such as:

  • HVAC Air Conditioning Units.
  • Concrete Pouring, Tower Construction, Pole Placement.
  • Seismic and Drill Rig Construction and Relocation.
  • Cable Stringing of Power Lines and Communications.
  • All Building Materials including Steel, Glass, and Roofing materials.
  • Water Tank Positioning, Spa & Pools.
  • Pipeline / Power Line Patrol and Thermographic Scanning.
  • Fire Suppression and Air Attack Support.

Common Aerial Crane Projects

The use of a helicopter as an aerial crane may be an ideal solution for a variety of difficult situations throughout Southern California, including:

  • Placement over a large rooftop, where the reach of a conventional crane is insufficient.
  • Delivering loads to sites over water crossings.
  • Tall buildings, where the delivery site too high for conventional crane.
  • Construction work, such as Power Line, Tower Erection, Cell Towers, and where vehicle Access is unavailable or restricted due to environmental concerns.
  • Jobs with Critical time restrictions, including the replacement of communications systems and power management equipment.

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