Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Helicopter Training Program

HeliStream, Inc.’s Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Program is intended for those who aim to achieve the highest level of airman certification offered by the FAA. Obtaining an ATP rating will make the pilot more competitive in the job market. Our professional ATP instructors will train the pilots with aeronautical skills to safely fly passengers within commercial flight standards.

FAA Requirements

  • Hold a commercial pilot certificate or equivalent, and an instrument rating
  • Obtain 1,200 hours of flight time including:
    • 500 hours cross-country
    • 100 hours of night with at least 15 hours in helicopters
    • 200 hours in helicopters with at least 75 hours as pilot-in-command
    • 75 hours of instrument time of which 50 were completed in-flight with at least 25 in helicopters
  • Pass an FAA written examination
  • Pass an FAA oral and flight test
  • Hold an FAA first-class medical certificate

Course Includes
the following:

  • 5 hours flight training (VFR)
  • 10 hours flight training (IFR in R22)
  • 5 hours ground instruction (VFR)
  • 10 hours ground instruction (IFR)

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