Aerial Cranes are used throughout Orange County to facilitate moving heavy equipment and perform other tasks. Today we are going to discuss how aerial crane/external load operations can help Construction, Maintenance and Utility companies save time, money, and other complications.

For any of the previously mentioned industries, flexibility and efficiency are critical factors in completing a job on time. For example, even with the simplest of building setups, a ground-level crane must have the room to sit and operate. Sometimes this can block necessary parking spaces for employees. Additionally, the use of ground-level cranes often requires city permitting. And in Orange County that’s no easy task. A simple air conditioning replacement job can quickly become a complicated feat!

HeliStream’s helicopter fleet features several utility helicopters which provide unique capabilities and flexibility for the project manager. A helicopter, such as the Bell 205, can transport anything from air conditioning units to building materials, lifting up to 4000 pounds of equipment. Frequently, using helicopter aerial cranes is the only way to reach the tops of tall or wide buildings for maintenance and/or repairing critical components. In addition to heavy lift and aerial crane operations, HeliStream’s fleet is FAA-approved to transport up to 9 passengers plus work personnel, and crew.

For those situations where a ground crane setup is inconvenient or inefficient, one of HeliStream’s Aerial Crane Helicopters is just the solution for your construction, maintenance, and repair needs. Every job is different with variables unique to that particular assignment so please feel free to call HeliStream to speak to one of our aerial crane/ external load experts today.

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