HeliStream offers aerial videography helicopter charters throughout Orange County and Los Angeles; ideal for capturing scenery to be used in everything from full-feature motion pictures to vacation footage.  A variety of options ranging from manned camera operators to mounted stability systems are available when booking on a HeliStream aerial videography charter.


As with aerial photography, your first decision involves selecting which make and model helicopter best suits your filming purposes.  For a single photographer, the Robinson R22 offers a cost-effective way to get the shots you need.  The passenger door can be removed, so there is no Plexiglass interference.  This aircraft is ideal for aerial video projects in which a manned camera operator is required; for instance, capturing an object which is not stationary, like a live action shot from the air.

The Eurocopter AStar is a superior charter choice with the camera mount option.  By using a camera mount, scenic landscape video is easily achieved, with enough stability for a high-quality slow motion shot.  For instance, if you are shooting an advertisement for a hotel property on the beach, the mount would allow for fully stable video as well as provide for an impressive point-of-view approach.

It’s important to note that scenic approaches to buildings and landscapes, as filmed for full-feature motion pictures, utilize helicopter camera mounts similar to those utilized on the AStar.  This option also allows for a manned camera operator on the inside of the craft for more specific shots.


Once you’ve decided on the shots you’re trying to capture as well as the best aircraft to take those shots, take note of a few tips for high quality video.

  • Video Camera – Canon DSLR’s such as the 1D Mark IV and 5D Mark II offer professional quality depth-of-field at a very reasonable price, compared to larger professional units.  Interchangeable lens at this price point makes it ideal for the helicopter; since you can change lenses during the shoot when needed for a variety of shots.
  • Stability When Manned – As with still shots, stability is critical when filming digital video.  What looks stable and crisp in the camera’s small LCD may turn out to be choppy and blurry when seen in 720p.  To avoid this be sure not to lean against the frame of the craft, use the highest stabilizer possible, and make any motions slow and deliberate.
  • Let the Pilot Navigate – Rather than moving around, stabilize your position and your camera; let the pilot position the craft best for your shot.  Moving the craft itself will allow for smoother capturing of video.

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